Just like SAP system, if you found and error, then you stuck on solving it, one alternative solution is restart the SAP Application. First, it will refresh all memory consumption, clean some dumps, refresh logs, start from the ready state, compile programs from the beginning, and then you will see a magic, all errors are being fixed. Sometimes, this is what happened in our life. If we stuck on problem of life, we need to restart our system to gain zero mind process. By surrendering our heart and mind to Allah, we will then use fresh of heart and mind, clean the bad feeling, swap the negative mind, find things peacefully, and then you will also see the amazing thing. Subhanallah .. Thanks God for every second of my life, every breath of my steps, every feeling of my heart, every act of my thought, every lesson that I learn, every emotion that I feel, and every love that you always give to me.  I’m nothing, I’m powerless , I’m on my knees in front of You ..   

-just a little note for myself-