I saw this so-called name in a website I browse on the internet. This word is interesting. Previously I thought that it didn’t mean at all, then I put this word on address browser field and splashed on my screen a real website of gahooyoogle.

The first question came to my mind is “is it a merger of Yahoo and Google search engine?”. And then I cross check with google itself, I can’t found the news about this merger. I came to conclusion that this site is not a merger from the most two powerful search engine in the world. I figure it out from the disclaimer linked in this site as shown below.

Gahooyoogle.com is not affiliated or associated with, and
is not sponsored or endorsed by, and
is not meant to or trying to compete with,
disrupt the business or mislead the users,
or do any unauthorized or false representation in any form
of Yahoo.com or Google.com

This service is free for all users and visitors. In short words, You šŸ™‚
The only reason that keeps GahooYoogle.com up is the warm welcome of you,
and your friends, family, co-workers, classmates, boss, employees … and anyone else
that comes here and uses GahooYoogle.com
because you recommend them to do so.

The advertisements you may see on the first page,
are there to cover some of the expenses,
and are not there to bother you and are not there to make a profit for us!

Actually since search engine boomed, there were a lot of search engine which proposed competitive searching tech on it. Name it Lycos, Altavista , Excite, Dogpile, Google, Vivisimo, Info.com, Yahoo! search, MSN Search, Ask.com, Wikiseek, Chacha, Quintura, etc. Every search engine has its own user. Gahooyoogle is created based on an idea that users seem to type a word in Google and then Yahoo or on the contrary. Searching time is one thing that you can compare with between them.