Have you ever heard about a man who has a power to transform his horse to mystical horse on fire? He even transform himself into flaming skull and burned black coat. I’m talking about The Caretaker, a man who help Ghost Rider to complete his mission to revenge.

the horse rider

The man in the picture above does’nt have any deal with the caretaker – the Real Horse Rider. LOL. But He is just a man who ride a horse in his first time. That man is me. 🙂
Well, it’s true that it was my first time to ride a horse. I enjoyed it. Once you ride a horse, it’s hard to leave the saddle. It was addicted. I rode this horse in Gunung Mas, Bogor. A Place where family gathering in my office was held. It was very exciting that I can control the horse by my self.
Apparently it is easy to learn riding a horse. Here’s some tips from me :

1. Make sure your foot is on the right foot step.
2. Hold the rope which round to the horse’s neck and make sure you don’t let it go easily.
3. If you want to turn right, pull the right side of the rope. And do the same if you want to turn left.
4. Pull both of the rope if you want to stop the horse.
5. If you want your horse run faster, kick it’s stomach with your leg. Don’t kick it too hard if you don’t want to it gets angry. I really love this part. But be careful, it causes a little bit shake. All you need to do is stabilize your seat in order to get your safety.
6. Be nice to your horse, and the horse will be nice to you.
7. Enjoy your ride.