Smallville Season 6
If there are big fans of Smallville TV Series, I am one of them.

As you know, this film was produced by Warner Bros Picture as you may always see it’s logo in bottom right of the TV screen – WB. But now if you follow the new episode of Season 6, the logo has been changed by two letters – CW, means new broadcast television network The CW Network. FYI, CW would replace the WB and UPN Network. The WB draw on programming from both WB and UPN and would be a joint venture between Warner Bros and CBS (research). Therefore, ‘C’ stands for CBS and ‘W’ is for Warner.

I am so impressed about the story. Not only the heroic man with the super power, but also the other drama story about couples of people and intrigue in it. This is the story about love, friendship, competition, seeking of an identity, self esteem, and many touching message inside this film. Another reason I enjoyed these series very much is I can learn the english pronounciation, because they use vocabularies which can be used on daily conversation. Actually other film does, but I’ve been enjoyed watching this film first. Last time I check the newest episode in Season 6 is 17. I ‘m still at 14, beacuse downoad these new episodes freely from the internet takes a plenty of time. Now, I’m downloading the 15th episode. I just can say about this film : You Must See!! (Hehe.. just like several people review about the great movies). If you want to get these series, you can contact me.. be smallvile freak!